Saying that I am indebted to Professor Ruckels for making me the person I am today is not enough. Before I met Professor Ruckels, I had quite a few challenges within me; some of which were that I was very depressed as a struggling nursing student. I self-doubted a lot, had test taking anxiety and I lacked self-confidence. I would often wonder if I could ever make it as a RN. I resorted to prayers and would seek Almighty to intervene and help me. Since God cannot be present everywhere they have mentors and teachers like Professor Ruckels to show students, like me, the correct path. Professor Ruckels guided me every step along the way in my journey. She helped me through my disappointments and struggles, and finally to getting my RN license. After working with Professor Ruckels over a period of time, I can say without a doubt that I am living my dream as an RN. I feel that all this has been possible only because of Professor Ruckels’ belief in me that I did not have in myself. Today, I am a confident, competent, critically thinking Registered Nurse. Thanks Professor Ruckels!  ~Yours sincerely, Namreeta Brar

I had the pleasure of being one of Professor Ruckels’ students. Professor Ruckels is enthusiastic and brings a fantastic energy to her lectures. She has a passion for nursing that is noticeable in the way she teaches. Professor Ruckels has also tutored me in various subjects. She has the capability to break down a subject, making it easier to understand. She genuinely loves when her students succeed, and always does what she can to help.
— Mary Hoffar, Student Nurse-soon to graduate and be RN!

I had the fortunate pleasure of being instructed by Professor Ruckels in my second semester of nursing school. Professor Ruckels combines a holistic approach to nursing with a compassionate and supportive learning environment. The time spent learning from her in the clinical setting is invaluable to me. I have learned methods, tips and tricks, patient care and nurse qualities that I will use for the rest of my career. Professor Ruckels is a unique and fantastic instructor and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her should jump at the chance as you will learn more than you ever dreamed! — Jennifer C. RN Student

Marina-Cheryl-Jamie-concept-mapProfessor Ruckels is a great mentor/ tutor. She has taught me many skills through the years. The most important skill I have learned is how to think like a nursing student. This was a shocker to me because medical professionals must think and approach all situations with a goal in mind. Melynda does a great job in walking you through this way of thinking. From her caring nature to her holistic point of view, Melynda truly cares about the success of her students. I am blessed to have someone like Melynda tutoring me. — David S. RN Student

I was very fortunate to have had Professor Ruckels as an instructor.  She is knowledgeable and experienced as a nurse and a professor.  Most importantly, to a struggling student nurse, Professor Ruckels was a supportive advocate for my education.  Outside of the classroom she was available when I needed her to discuss and write care plans, share her knowledge and expertise in cardiology and be my counselor.  

Professor Ruckels taught my class about holistic nursing as well.  She engaged the class by involving us in techniques, which amazingly, brought much needed relief to a stressed out class.  She has a very personable way of relating to students and seemed to know when we needed tough love or a guided imagery session; she was able to read us very well!  Professor Ruckels has left an imprint in my life and I will forever be grateful to her. — Kara G. RN Student

Professor Ruckels, thank you for all of your love and support! Your confidence in me from the beginning has helped me be the person I have become today! I am now an RN working in the job of my dreams in the Emergency Room! You are a very special person on this earth! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much for having faith in me, you’re a great mentor! Love, — Chrissy R. RN!

 I am excited to say I have passed the NCLEX and have my RN license!! Thank you for everything you did for me personally and for our cohort. I could not have succeeded without your direction and your support and even the amazing drumming session we were fortunate enough to have from you (I KNOW that helped)!  I am currently applying for jobs to start my career. Thanks again for bringing the Shamans into our class. They were AMAZING!! Thank you again, Jenny Miner RN.