Have you ever asked yourself, “How will I ever survive nursing school, will I survive?” Are you anxious most of the time, not sleeping well? Have you fretted over the weight gain from the stress and strain and sedentary lifestyle of nursing school? Do you miss your family times and wish for your “old life” back? Don’t despair. Others have made it and so will you. I can help. I focus on providing you with holistic tools in a safe and relaxed environment to:

  • develop healthy and successful study habits
  • focus during lecture, translate theory into practice
  • learn effective test taking skills, dissect the question, manage anxiety
  • focus and relax during exams and at clinical
  • improve clinical skills: physical assessments, SBAR, therapeutic communication
  • master the nursing process (ADPIE) and write stellar nursing care plans
  • write professional case studies (APA format)
  • be aware of, develop and call upon your intuition
  • develop a strategic plan of preparing for and taking the NCLEX
  • learn the power of intention
  • be healthy in body, mind and spirit through nursing school

Together we will develop a contracted plan for you based on your vision, goals and needs over the timeframe you choose. I will guide, mentor and assist you to be successful in nursing school from enrollment to graduation to NCLEX. Self-awareness and self-discovery are a few of the bonuses you will experience as we work together.

Sessions and Fees:
Sessions are usually 60 minutes long and once a week. I also offer longer sessions and more frequent meetings if needed.