“Is this what I went to Nursing School for”? “I can’t keep up!” “This is not what I learned in nursing school!” “I want to quit!” “I have to work to pay back my student loans”. If any of these statements sound familiar to you, do not fret! I can help. You are not alone. Many new graduate RNs have experienced the same feelings as they began their transition from nursing school to practice. In my day (1970s), we called it “Reality Shock”. That was over 40 years ago, I survived reality shock and so can you! I can help you to relieve your fears and anxiety. I specialize in assisting the newly graduated RN to make a smoother transition from nursing school to the realities of nursing practice. I will teach you how to become a safe and confident RN. You don’t have to arrive for your shift scared of what might happen that day, you don’t have to throw up every morning before your shift, you can get a good night’s sleep.

Most of my research in graduate school and scholarly work focused on mentoring and equipping the newly graduated RN to make healthy transitions into the nursing profession. My desire for all nurses is to be professional as we care for others and to be passionate and compassionate about our work. I provide a safe environment for you to learn the innate abilities of nursing based upon your skills, critical thinking, clinical judgment and most importantly, intuition. I focus on providing you with holistic tools in a safe and relaxed environment to equip you to be able to:

  • Safely and competently care for your patient assignment
  • Learn time management
  • Prioritize care – “who should I see first and why”?
  • Delegate appropriate care as appropriate
  • Make sound clinical decisions
  • Critically think on your feet
  • Manage conflict
  • Improve your clinical skills: physical assessments, SBAR, therapeutic communication
  • Be aware of, develop and call upon your intuition
  • Learn the power of intention
  • Be healthy in body, mind and spirit
  • Take care of you while taking care of others

California’s nursing workforce continues to age and will ultimately retire leaving a bulk of less experienced nurses to care for a growing geriatric population without the guidance of the veteran registered nurse (RN) (California Institute for Nursing & Health Care [CINHC], 2010). New graduate registered nurses (NGRN) are now the largest population available for recruitment in the nation, yet the NGRNs are having greater difficulty finding positions in acute care facilities (Welding, 2011). In just a few years the mass exit of baby boomer nurses will force hospitals to staff their units and provide patient care with the inexperienced NGRN. The NGRN is in need of mentoring and support from the veteran RN to transition safely from academia to practice and maintain interest in nursing employment (CINHC, 2010). Today’s nurse leaders must honor the NGRN and provide residency programs to educate and mentor them in order to fill the vacancies when the vast number of baby boomer nurses will exit.

How will you prepare and position yourself to be ahead of the other candidate(s) for the nursing job of your dreams? I can help you achieve your most important goals in your nursing career.

Sessions and Fees:
Sessions are usually 60 minutes long and once a week. I also offer longer sessions and more frequent meetings if needed.

Please feel free to call me so we can discuss my current fee. Hourly fees are for a 60 minute hour. I also offer packages that provide a discount. Additional time is prorated based upon the hourly fee or packaged hourly rate or as per agreement.