Re-entering the Profession

Are you contemplating the return to nursing? Feeling a bit apprehensive? No matter how long you’ve been away, there is a place for you in the nursing profession! Nursing needs you!

In today’s economic environment, nursing continues to be a competitive field. The experienced Baby Boomer nurses are holding onto their jobs a while longer before retiring and the inactive nurses are returning (re-entry RNs) to the job market. The re-entering RN and the new graduate RN are competing with the veteran RN who has 35-45 years of experience and is not yet ready to pass the baton. In California the acute care setting sometimes has 200-400 applicants for one position. Employers have the advantage in this nursing abundant market. Only the top candidates with experience are invited to interview. It is not uncommon for an RN, especially the new graduate, to take a position traditionally held by a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) in a sub-acute or skilled nursing facility.

Don’t panic! Nursing needs you. I can help you prepare and market yourself to return to the profession and get the job! I can help you with:

  • Interview skills
  • Skills review, brush up and practice
  • Improve clinical skills: physical assessments, SBAR, therapeutic communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Clinical judgment
  • Review and master the nursing process (ADPIE)…yes, we still use it….
  • Acknowledge, develop and use your intuition
  • Learn the power of intention
  • Be a healthy, holistic nurse; body, mind and spirit

What nursing job do you want? Manifest it. Are you a med/surg nurse? An ICU/ED nurse? Pediatrics, OB/L&D? What about hospice? Ever consider long term care? There is so much to choose from!

Where do you want to be one year from now?