Whether you are a nursing student, a new grad or a “seasoned” nurse,
each session is designed to your specific needs including:

  • Developing Study skills and strategies*
  • Test-taking skills
  • NCLEX preparation
  • Interview techniques and Resume Writing**
  • Veteran Nurses: Renewing your Passion – Doing what You Love – Valuing You
  • Your Personality…the Right Tool for the Right Job

*Study skills and test-taking skills can be tailored to specific body systems,
pathophysiology, nursing diagnoses and the nursing process as you need.

**Interview techniques and Resume Writing designed to specifics of job criteria.

60 minute session – $75.00
[nicepaypallite name=”60 min. nurse mentoring session” amount=”75.00″]
30 minute follow up phone consult – $35.00
[nicepaypallite name=”30 min. mentoring follow up phone session” amount=”35.00″]


3 Session Package
3 sixty minute sessions
and one 30 minute follow-up phone consult.
$200.00 Prepay($60.00 savings)
[nicepaypallite name=”three 60 min. mentoring sessions & one 30 min. follow up phone session” amount=”200.00″]


 5 Session Package
 5 sixty minute sessions
 and two 30 minute follow-up phone consults.
 $395.00 Prepay($50.00 savings)
 [nicepaypallite name=”five 60 min. mentoring sessions & two 30 min. follow up phone sessions” amount=”395.00″]

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for optimum learning and practice of study
skills, test-taking skills, NCLEX preparation and interview techniques. 

Personality Assessment and Counsel
“The Right Tool for the Right Job”
60 min.
Individual Session
$85. Includes written assessment and personality booklet.
[nicepaypallite name=”60 min. Individual session” amount=”85.00″]
Class Deposit $100

Personality is an important piece of our humanness and affects every part of our life as we interact with others on a daily basis. It’s what drives the way you think and why you act the way you do. Personality establishes your fundamental needs and determines your core values. It impacts how you define success and drives the motivation necessary to achieve the success in your career and in your life that you desire. Understanding who you are based on your personality will increase self-awareness and open new doors of understanding for yourself, your patients, clients and loved ones in your life. Melynda is certified to use the Ritberger Personality Method™ developed by Carol Ritberger, PhD.