Whether you are a nursing student, new grad or seasoned nurse, let me be your catalyst for becoming the nurse you came here to be.

Welcome to Mentoring for Nurses! This site provides you with education, information, resources, tips and techniques to be a safe, competent and great nurse! Say hello to a happier and healthier you! When nurses are aware of their own self-care, they are better able to successfully care for others. Nurses have the opportunity first-hand to model health, wellness and happiness. Nurses are the catalyst and the conduit for healing. When you pay attention to your inner voice and honor yourself, you are empowered to support healing in others. You are empowered to be a patient advocate, and most importantly, a self-advocate. Wisdom and advocacy will provide you with the tools needed to be the great nurse you aspire to be.

I will help you enhance your career while maintaining your own health and wellness. Being a nurse for 40-something years, I still love what I do and want to share all that nursing has to offer to you! Nursing is the greatest career!

Whether you are a nursing student, a new graduate or a “seasoned veteran” nurse, I am here to mentor you along the way. I can help you:

  • improve your critical thinking
  • improve your clinical judgment
  • improve your clinical skills
  • ace the interview process
  • write a dynamically impressive resume
  • get the job you want
  • create self-awareness and healing and stop self-sabotage
  • rekindle your love of nursing
  • implement positive changes
  • eliminate:
    • lack of faith, discouragement in nursing
    • burnout
    • fatigue
    • compassion fatigue

Whatever it is that you are seeking to accomplish, I can help. I will assist you in regaining the excitement you once had for nursing. You’re a good nurse, what is keeping you from being a great nurse? Let’s get started!